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The Handmades

Discover the exquisite artistry of HUG Ukulele's Handmade Collection. Crafted with precision and passion, each handmade ukulele is a masterpiece of musical elegance.  The rich, warm tones of Koa wood, the sweet resonance of Mango, and the unique character of Monkeypod wood combine to create an unparalleled musical experience.  HUG Ukulele invites you to experience tradition in every strum. Elevate your playing with the timeless beauty and superior craftsmanship of HUG Ukulele's Handmade Ukuleles.

Available in the following sizes: 

Hilo S Soprano $895.00
Hilo C Concert $1,095.00
Hilo T Tenor $1,295.00
Hilo B Baritone $1,495.00