HUG Solid Mahogany Top Collection

HUG Solid Mahogany Top Collection

The HUG Solid Mahogany Top Collection of ukuleles feature Solid Indonesian Mahogany for the top and a Layered Mahogany back, and sides for a tone that is both warm and sweet. The HUG Solid Mahogany Top Collection also features a beautiful Mahogany bridge and fingerboard. The styling is classically refined and sleek and is crowned with HUG’s signature etched Big Island Wave headstock. The finish is a matte nitrocellulose, applied as thinly as possible for maximum resonance.

Available in the following configurations: 

Soprano:                    Dealer Cost $110,      MAP $205,       MSRP $230.

Concert:                     Dealer Cost $115,      MAP $215,      MSRP $240.

Tenor:                         Dealer Cost $125,      MAP $225,     MSRP $260.

Baritone:                    Dealer Cost $135,      MAP $250,      MSRP $280.