HUG Exotic Woods Collection

Exotic Woods Collection, Acacia and Spruce and MapleExotic Woods Collection, Cedar and RosewoodExotic Woods Collection, Quilted AshExotic Woods Collection, Spalted Maple

The HUG Exotic Wood Collection of ukuleles feature fine Exotic Woods from around the world for the top back, and sides for distinctive tones that are both full, sweet and unique and unparalleled in quality. The HUG Exotic Woods Collection also features a beautiful ECO-friendly bridges and fingerboards. The styling is classically refined and sleek and is crowned with HUG’s signature etched Big Island Wave headstock. The finish is a matte nitrocellulose, applied as thinly as possible for maximum resonance.

Available in the following configurations: 


    Concert:   Dealer Cost $130.     MAP $260.       MSRP $358.

    Tenor:       Dealer Cost $146.     MAP $292.       MSRP $402.

Cedar and Rosewood

    Concert:   Dealer Cost $144.     MAP $288.       MSRP $396.

    Tenor:       Dealer Cost $160.     MAP $320.       MSRP $440.

Cedar and Rosewood Pineapple

    Concert:    Dealer Cost $144.      MAP $288.      MSRP $396.

    Tenor:        Dealer Cost $160.      MAP $320.     MSRP $440.

Quilted Ash

    Concert:   Dealer Cost $130.       MAP $227.      MSRP $320.

    Tenor:       Dealer Cost $144.       MAP $252.      MSRP $360.

Spalted Maple

    Concert:    Dealer Cost $146.      MAP $255.       MSRP $365.

    Tenor:        Dealer Cost $164.      MAP $287.       MSRP $410.

Solid Spruce and Flame Maple

    Concert:    Dealer Cost $144.       MAP $288.       MSRP $396.

    Tenor:        Dealer Cost $160.       MAP $320.       MSRP $440.