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Aumakua Collection

Introducing our Aumakua AIII Solid Mahogany Series, where the spirit of Hawaii meets the art of craftsmanship. Each ukulele in this series features intricate laser-etched designs of the Mano(shark), Honu (turtle), and Mo'o (gecko), paying homage to the island's rich culture and wildlife. Crafted from solid mahogany, these ukuleles deliver warm and resonant tones that capture the essence of tradition. Discover the Aumakua Series and let your music be a tribute to the islands.

Available in the following sizes:

HUG-M-GA-SS Super Soprano- Satin Finish (Gecko) $330.00
HUG-M-GA-C Concert- Satin Finish (Gecko) $330.00
HUG-M-GA-T Tenor-Satin Finish (Gecko) $370.00
HUG-M-GA-TE Tenor Electric- Satin Finish (Gecko) $400.00
HUG-M-HA-SS Super Soprano- Satin Finish (Honu) $330.00
HUG-M-HA-C Concert- Satin Finish (Honu) $330.00
HUG-M-HA-T Tenor-Satin Finish (Honu) $370.00
HUG-M-HA-TE Tenor Electric- Satin Finish (Honu) $400.00
HUG-M-MA-SS Super Soprano- Satin Finish (Manu) $330.00
HUG-M-MA-C Concert- Satin Finish (Manu) $330.00
HUG-M-MA-T Tenor-Satin Finish (Manu) $370.00
HUG-M-MA-TE Tenor Electric- Satin Finish (Manu) $400.00