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All Solid Mango Collection

Delve into the captivating tonal landscape of our Solid Mango Ukuleles, where the spirit of music harmonizes with the exotic allure of mango wood. Elevate your musical journey with instruments that embody the essence of both sound and aesthetics, and experience the harmonious fusion that defines our ukuleles. The Tenor and Baritone model are also available with the HUG EQ system.


Available in the following sizes: 

HUG-MG-SP Super Soprano Pineapple-Satin Finish $392
HUG-MG-C Concert- Satin Finish $392
HUG-MG-T Tenor-Satin Finish $436
HUG-MG-B Baritone-Satin Finish $482
HUG-MG-BE Baritone Electric-Satin Finish $522