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All Solid Mahogany Collection

Crafted from the finest mahogany, these ukuleles offer a warm and resonant tone that captures the essence of tradition. Whether you're a seasoned musician or a beginner, our Solid Mahogany Ukulele invites you to embrace the soulful melodies and rich, natural beauty of this classic wood. The Tenor model is also available with the HUG EQ system.

Available in the following sizes:

HUG-M-P Pineapple Soprano- Satin Finish $250.00
HUG-M-SS Super Soprano-Satin Finish $290.00
HUG-M-C Concert-Satin Finish $290.00
HUG-M-T Tenor- Satin Finish $320.00
HUG-M-TE Tenor Electric- Satin Finish $360.00